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California State Senator Speciality: an American politician

Antonio "Tony" Mendoza is an American politician currently serving in the California State Senate. He is a Democrat representing the 32nd district, encompassing parts of Los Angeles County and Buena Park.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission launched an investigation after a series of contributions were made my Tony Mendoza and Assembly Candidate Tony Bermudez. "Latino Caucus Chairman Assembly Member Tony Mendoza, acting on his own accord and without input from Members of the Latino Caucus, provided a recommendation to transfer $50,000 from Yes We Can, an Independent Expenditure Committee (IEC), to another IEC prior to his resignation as Chair of the Caucus. The funds have since been transferred numerous times and have been used to support candidates who are not endorsed by the Latino Caucus. As the current Chair of the Latino Caucus, I do not condone or support his actions", said Ricardo Lara, D-South Gate. Bob Stern, former president of the Center for Governmental Studies, the principal co-author of the California Political Reform Act and the Fair Political Practices Commission's first general counsel. He said the transactions look "very suspicious, but there could be explanations." "Money laundering is the most serious of campaign violations," Stern said, noting that money laundering is used to both skirt campaign contribution limits and conceal contributors.

Born: April 22, 1971 (age 43), Los Angeles, CA
Education: California State University, Long Beach
Office: California State Assembly member since 2006

Contribution into the problem of Forced Vaccination (California SB277 mandates vaccination): as a California State Senator
Voted on senate floor for the bill and made it pass
Contribution into the problem of Forced Vaccination (California SB792 mandates vaccination): as a California State Senator
Voted on senate floor for the bill and made it pass


-4 Feb 12, 2013, 4:34:38 AM

Medical lobby servant

Mendoza has caught the ire of many over the past several months over  his sponsorship of AB 2072.  The proposed law is simple.  If enacted if would eliminate the recognition of American Sign Language as a real "language" for children and adults throughout California. Opponents to the law call Mendoza and his bill an "all out attack" on deaf people and if becomes law it could bring back the dark days of "Eugenics."  Here is a quick lesson, class..... According to WIKIPEDIA, Eugenics is the study and practice of selective breeding applied to humans, with the aim of improving the species. In a historical and broader sense, eugenics can also be a study of "improving human genetic qualities." Eugenics was widely popular in the early decades of the 20th century, but has fallen into disrepute after having become associated with Nazi Germany. Since the postwar period, both the public and the scientific communities have associated eugenics with Nazi abuses, such as enforced racial hygiene, human experimentation, and t... (more)
✔ Corruption
✔ Health Danger
-4 Jun 24, 2011, 4:16:57 AM

Dressed in "gansta" attire in his State Office

What the heck is Mendoza doing parading around his Assembly Office dressed like a gangster?   This photo was taken by one of his former staff members, and has been circulating around for months.  This is one of the first times this photo has been seen by the general public.  BTW. Mendoza is the current Vice Chairman of the California State Assembly Latino Caucus.  Is this the new "dress code" for the Latino Caucus or is this just "par for the course" now a days....
✔ Corruption
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